Larry Blank and I are doing a thing!

ASMAC'S The Sound of Broadway and Hollywood - Intl. SaturdayWebinars

The Sound


Broadway and Hollywood


Michael Feinstein

Larry Blank


Doug Besterman

❖ What Makes Broadway Music Sound Like Broadway

❖ What Goes Into the Making of a Film musical

❖ Who are the Composers of Broadway and Hollywood

❖ Great Arrangers and Conductors of Broadway and Hollywood

The Sound of Broadway and Hollywood (musical theater and film musicals)

A musical discussion with esteemed arrangers, composers and conductors.

Special Saturday Webinar Events

April 18, 2020

LA 12 PM, NY 3 PM, London 8 PM, Paris 9 PM

Moscow 10 PM, Hong Kong 3 PM, Sydney 5 AM (+1 Day)

Please register by 9:00 AM (PST) on Saturday, April 18th to receive login and Zoom Conference instructions. Instructions and Registration Information will be sent out periodically leading up to the event. If you have any issues with registering, logging in, etc. please contact


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