LDIK EPISODE 4 is now LIVE! (featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the band recording process)

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Episode 4 of LITTLE DID I KNOW is now live!

In this episode: Sam and the crew visit the theater for the first time and find it both inspiring and terrifying. Sam visits with Veronica afterward to share his excitement. But when the crew finds out about a compromise Sam made to get the gig, they're reminded of all of the other times Sam played fast and loose with the truth. Features the songs "Cape Cod Bay" and "Damn, Sam!"

You can find Episode 4 HERE.

I haven't really shared much about the recording process - this photo was taken at the end of our band recording sessions.

All of the cast vocals were recorded in October 2019, to temporary music tracks devised by our amazing orchestrator, Mike Morris - he's the guy on the far right in the photo. I will talk more about the cast recording sessions in future posts.

After we finished the vocals, I spent a few months editing and assembling the songs - and in January 2020, we went back into the studio (Threshold Studios in NYC), and replaced the temporary tracks with final band tracks. We had a superstar band: Rich Mercurio on drums, Matt Beck on guitar, and Conrad Korsch on bass - Mike provided pre-recorded tracks of the keyboards.

The guy smack in the middle of the photo is Jeff Saver - he was our musical supervisor and vocal arranger. We were happy to have him present for these sessions - because for the vocal sessions, he was in Northern California, and had to attend remotely on Skype! I'm just to his right (looking tired), and the incredible Marcy Heisler is to my right.

Here's the most amazing part - these guys recorded the entire score in three days! We had no rehearsals prior to meeting in the studio - none of the musicians had ever played this music before, unlike a traditional cast recording where the band has generally been playing the score together for a month or so. Before recording each song, we spent a moment discussing the musical style we were after - then the players went to their respective places in the studio and started laying down the tracks. Most songs were recorded within an hour or two - we had to work that fast because we had 23 songs to cover, and only 3 days to get them all down.

On our fourth day in the studio, we recorded a bunch of material with our killer string and wind players - and some additional guitar overdubs with Matt - and that was that.

The final tracks were mixed by my good buddy, superstar engineer Frank Wolf - and mastered at Turtletone Studio by Michael Fossenkemper.

If you're enjoying the songs, you can find the cast recording on Spotify HERE - or on the Broadway Records website HERE. Thanks for reading - stay tuned for more LDIK behind-the-scenes in future blog posts!


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