Lesli and Laura Sing Songs From LDIK In Quarantine (+cast recording candids)!

Featured in PLAYBILL today was an article featuring videos of Lesli Margherita and Laura Marano singing songs from LDIK.

If you're curious, here's a link to Lesli's cast recording version of "Somebody Like You."

The cast was so kind to make these videos - we'll be sharing a few more as the podcast continues to roll out. Oh...and we'll also be doing a live jam session with the cast in a few weeks - more details to come!

So I thought this might be a perfect time to share some candid photos from our cast recording sessions.

This is Laura Marano - some of you may recognize her as "Ally" in the Disney Channel series Austin and Ally. She plays "Veronica" in the podcast - and she is a superstar human being! Laura came to the project a little later than some of the others - in fact, I think she received her music a day or two before the recording session.

Laura knocked it out of the park tho!

Check out her amazing cast-recording performance of "Hi Veronica."

Here's another candid - from left to right, we have: Patrick Page, Casey Breves, Lesli Margherita, Jennifer Blood and Alex Blue.

They were probably recording dialogue here.

This is Kurt Hugo Schneider - he plays "Sam," our protagonist. I imagine Kurt is thinking: "what scene am I recording, again?"

Here's a fun fact: the cast recorded all their dialogue and music in 4 days! That's something like 3 and a half hours of dialogue, and over an hour of music.

Here's Kurt singing "Little Do They Know."

And rounding out our "bad candid" series: a shot from the control room. From left to right: me, director Marlo Hunter, assistant director Frank Galgano, lyricist Marcy Heisler, and writer Lou Aronica.

All of these people deserve a blog post of their own (and may get one!) - but Marlo was truly the hero of these sessions. More about that soon - and thanks for reading!


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