Update - July 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update - here are some of the things I’ve been up to during the past few months:

Studio News:

  • Studio Move: I’ve made arrangements to move my studio to a production facility in Midtown Manhattan - this will make it much easier for clients to work with me in-person, as well as afford me the opportunity to couple my digital production services with studio time at competitive rates. Official announcement coming soon!

  • Production Rig: I’ve updated and refreshed my production rig, with a more powerful computer, software and sound library upgrades, and new hardware. The new system is very powerful - I’m very excited to be able to offer production-level midi and recording services again.

Writing Projects:

  • Anthology Musical Project: Lyricist Sharon Vaughn and I are contributing music and lyrics for a segment of a soon-to-be-announced anthology musical. There are five incredibly talented writing teams - we’re thrilled to be involved, and are looking forward to sharing our work with you soon!

  • New Musical: I’ve been working with a writer on a musical adaptation of his screenplay of a lovely film from the early 2000's - more info to come!

  • Songwriting: I’ve written and demoed a number of new songs, which I plan to feature in a concert of original soon as we are able to gather in small spaces again!

  • Scoring: I’m currently working with composer guru Andy Hill on fresh material for my scoring reel - he’s an inspiring coach, and I highly recommend his services!

Arranging/Orchestrating Projects:

  • Benefit Video: I produced a digital track of one my theater orchestrations for an upcoming benefit video - this gave me the opportunity to take my freshly-updated production rig out for a serious test drive!

Other Projects:

  • Orchestration Course: I made my first foray into teaching, with an orchestration course offered through the Theater Music Directors Group. I worked with nearly 60 students over a four-week period - I hope to offer additional opportunities for coaching and study in the future.


  • THE BIG ONE OH continues to do well as a rental property - MTI has issued almost 80 licenses in the past two months!

  • LITTLE DID I KNOW remains on the Apple Podcast charts - currently the #7 new show in the Fiction:Drama category.


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